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We are more than these bodies, our careers, and the societal identities we take on from birth. We are souls having a human experience.

Yet, we live in a world where our focus is pulled outward—towards wealth, status, and relying on others for our happiness.

We strive to “have it all,” yet very often checking off those boxes doesn’t result in what we really want: to feel fulfilled.

And whether we realize it or not, fulfillment requires the answer to a very important question: Why am I here? What is my purpose?

Because the truth is, underneath all of the material desires and outward experiences, we’re on the planet for a reason.

And while many of us have invested time and money to improve the health of our bodies, our livelihood, or our relationships, we may be neglecting the part of ourselves that has the answers to our biggest questions: our souls.

The soul is our most untapped resource, and our connection to it is vital.

The practice of connecting to this part of our being, is the gateway to discovering why we’re here and what we’re meant to do in this life.

Going inward gives us the space we need to realize that we are not our thoughts or our feelings, but the witness to everything we think or feel.

And every thought we’ve believed to be true, every decision we’ve made, and every action we’ve taken up to this point has created our current reality.

Yes, we are already that powerful. And it’s in our best interest to use that power with the intention to Transform with Love.

In connecting to the soul, we discover a guidance system, an unconditional love that shows us the way to personal and professional fulfillment.

One that helps guide our choices along the way. And brings clarity to our purpose on this planet; it’s much greater than we ever imagined.

When that connection is ignited, we shine and have the power to create a life that is not only in alignment with our natural talents and joys, but that also makes the world a better place.

As you begin doing what you love, and living in accordance with your soul, you finally feel the sense of certainty you’ve been looking for all along because you are being of service to the Universe.

“Primavera has devoted her life to understanding and applying the powerful teachings of divine spiritual wisdom. She embodies the teachings and I know this is her life’s work not simply a fad, a way to get ahead or a trendy thing in her life. She has studied, applied, devoted herself to the teachings and a Teacher that I believe in and trust, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry – founder of Naam Yoga, and she is an extension of those teachings.  I know her lineage, her devotion and her power of conviction which translates in everything she does. She cares, she is open and authentic and the way she teaches lands on the heart of those who hear her.  She awakens others to see what they have not been able to see for themselves. She helps them shine the light on their goodness and inspire them to take action with confidence”.

— Patricia Moreno, Founder, Intensati 


I didn’t fully comprehend the power of connecting with the soul until I experienced it firsthand.

You see, as a child growing up in Mexico, I was mystified by the stars, the intuitive power of gypsies, and the forces of the Universe taught by the indigenous cultures of Mexico.

But by the time I’d entered my 20’s, my focus shifted outward to my career and my social life.

After college, I moved to New York City and began my work as a diplomat promoting tourism and trade to Mexico. And while I enjoyed being an independent young woman with great friends in a wonderful city, I found myself losing a connection to my sense of wonder and inner truth.

This disconnection from my soul—the experience of ignoring my intuition—is what led me to make many wrong decisions at that point in my life.

One day, I woke up and saw very clearly that I was not living aligned with what my heart and soul desired—a realization that brought me tremendous pain.

I felt powerless and hopeless, and I didn’t believe that I could free myself from the circumstances that I knowingly chose and created.

The idea of taking action to do what I really wanted felt impossible, and even more painful to consider.

Consumed by fearful thoughts and feelings every day, left me in a deep depression.

Fortunately, I found the path of spirituality and developed a practice that brought much peace to my heart and soul.

I built a spiritual foundation that gave my spirit the strength and courage I needed to transform my life.

I courageously left behind what was no longer serving me—a disempowering belief system, a partner, and a home; a decision that was made possible by the unconditional love I’d developed for myself, and by the belief that I could create a new life.

Thankfully, I also had spiritual teachers guiding me along the way, giving me the practices I needed in order to find clarity and confidence within. Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, founder of Naam Yoga, is the teacher I hold closest to my heart. He has been an anchor in both my and my family’s life over the past 20 years as we have built a life that we love based on our spiritual practices.

Every day, I wake up with gratitude for this journey, for the connection I now have with myself, for the love I share with my family, and for the clarity I have about my purpose on this planet.

During the last two decades of my life, I have invested my time and energy in building an abundant career in production, supporting causes I believe in, nurturing a 20-year marriage, raising two beautiful daughters, and building meaningful, life-long friendships—all while making spirituality the foundation of my life.


After years of searching for meaning in my life, I realized that what gives purpose to my life is helping others reconnect to their souls—their inner power—and therefore to connect with the always available source of Unconditional Love within them.

In order for us feel empowered to take action—whether is to transform in our lives or simply find a source of fulfillment every day— we must first heal the wounds of our soul. Because when the soul is crushed, we loose faith and hope that anything is possible….and that’s what we have the power to transform with love.

My teachings make room for the reemergence of self-love and the creation of a life filled with love, meaning and purpose.


“My work with Primavera Salvá was a beautiful healing process. I’m on my spiritual journey and the work we did together one-on-one was crucial to my development. I’m so appreciative of meeting such a beautiful healer, caring, and wise. The techniques she taught me helped and still do to balance my moods, my spirit. I loved the process she teaches. It’s a gift to have Primavera as a mentor, and Teacher. Love and light are words I use all the time now! It helps the process of surrender and letting go!”

—- Elsa Soyars, Business owner – Interior Designer


Primavera Salva is an international spiritual teacher, speaker, and yogi who blends together the ancient philosophies of yoga, meditation, breath work, and other mystical teachings to reconnect people with the most important aspect of the human condition: the soul. Through her 1-1 guidance, group programs, classes and journeys, she empowers her clients and students to move beyond the limitations of the mind and body so they can begin experiencing the life-changing benefits of a daily spiritual practice—a reconnection to the source of Unconditional Love.

She is a certified Naam Yoga Levels I, II and III, Shakti Naam Level I and II, Kabbalah of Birth and Beyond (Naam Yoga Prenatal teachers training), and she travels internationally to train teachers in these modalities. She is also a Harmonyum Practitioner, offering healing sessions through this holistic, emotional, and physical healing system. She has worked closely with Naam Yoga founder, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry for two decades, to whom she is deeply grateful to for his love and teachings.