You’re bursting with vibrant energy.

You feel alive and thriving.

Your body, mind and spirit have been transformed!

This is you on the last day of the 21-day Transform with Love program.

The online course starts November 1st

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With Primavera’s guidance you will select foods and meals that will revitalize your body, allowing your body to have a better digestion and to detox on its own. You will have more energy, sleep better, feel lighter and lose weight.

Your body is your vehicle through which you experience life. Rebooting your entire system will reboot your life.  

You will start your morning with a 20-minute practice: a 10-minute breathwork with a video and a 10-minute guided meditation with an audio track. This daily practice will quiet your mind allowing you to be more aware and understand your thoughts.

Remember, our thoughts are the seed of our emotions, believes, actions, words and therefore how we create our life.


Body, refreshed. Mind, aligned. So, what about our soul?

The awareness and clarity of mind that you will develop through the food cleanse will create the space to work with your soul. Through rituals uniquely crafted for this program, Primavera will guide you to connect to your soul.

This is where the opportunity to Transform with Love arises.  You will experience a renewed joy and excitement for life which you had forgotten was even possible.




Every day you will receive a short email from Primavera inspiring you continue with your transformation.

You will also have access to the Transform with Love online portal where every day new wisdom will unlock to support your process.

This is what your online portal looks like:

We will be working as a group through a private Facebook group (optional) where you can chat with Primavera and other members of the program, share recipes, experiences and support each other. You will not be alone!  We are taking a journey together!

“I am thrilled, excited and feel like a million bucks after 21 days of this course! I have been working towards a personal goal for several months, with many moments of frustration. The daily meditations of Transform with Love managed to help me stay level-headed, clear of mind and with a healthy body and face frustration with (almost) no fear. Thank you Primavera and thank you everyone in the group.”

–B. Thomas, Producer

“The 21 days program had an impact in my body and particularly in my soul. Each day that passed I became more and more conscious of my life. I gained awareness in the way I say things, awareness of my thoughts and my attitude towards life. The morning meditations with the pranayama sequence filled me every morning with positive energy and love. It was amazing to start my day in that way. I am grateful to the Universe and to Primavera for this amazing course.”

–Dr. Nayeli Baur – Switzerland



  1. 1- I already have a spiritual practice, why would I do this?

This is a program that doesn’t interfere with other spiritual practices. This program is like a “spring cleaning” for your body, mind and soul. You know how every couple of months you have to take your car for full service? This is what you are doing for your entire self, you are re-booting your entire system.


  1. 2- Will I be able to eat out?

Of course! You will be able to eat out and select foods that will leave you satisfied and feeling healthy.


  1. 3- Will I have to give up certain foods?

For 21-days you will eat plenty of foods that are invigorating like fish, chicken, lamb, all vegetables and mostly all fruits. Yes, you will have to avoid foods that overtax your body, such as red meat, alcohol, dairy and caffeine. But don’t worry, most of these are replaceable, except alcohol. Sorry!


  1. 4- Will I lose weight?



  1. 5- I have tried to meditate before and I wasn’t able to do it. Will I be able to do it?

Absolutely. I will provide you an audio track with a guided meditation and before you know it, you will be meditating


“I have learned a lot about myself and what it means to vibrate love, and most importantly, I have experienced a direct result of this vibration. I am grateful to have received this wisdom, it truly changed my life. I will continue with the morning practice and bring love to my surroundings. Thank you, Primavera, my deepest gratitude goes to you for empowering me.”

–M. Fassbender, Consultant

“This course came to my life at the right time, it moved things deep inside of me that helped me to connect to my inner strength and the deep love that exists inside of me.  I feel tremendous peace and balance and I know that these changes are impacting my life.”

— M. Abaroa, Teacher


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