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Within you lies a power that can bring you unimaginable happiness, harmony, and peace.

It’s the power to TRANSFORM WITH LOVE.

To change your life.

To discover your purpose.

To find joy.

To heal the wounds of your soul.

All with the presence of unconditional love.

While life as you know it may feel like something that just “is the way it is” or something that is “happening to you”, you can transform it.

You can be your own catalyst for transformation in your life.

It all starts with a shift in perspective and the willingness to take a step back and recognize that you are the creator of your own experience, that you have the power to transform any experience in your life.

Through this subtle yet powerful shift, you’ll uncover the beliefs, behaviors, and knee-jerk reactions that block you from having the life you really want. And as you see them clearly, you can transform them and make room for loving thoughts, actions, and responses.

It’s this Transformation with LOVE that leads to more than you ever dreamed possible.

When we vibrate Unconditional Love we allow for the Light of our Soul to shine through so that we can illuminate the world.



spiritual teacher

For nearly 25 years, I’ve lived a life based on the ancient philosophies of meditation, yoga, breath work, and many other mystical teachings. Through an unwavering commitment to my spiritual practice, I’ve healed my deepest wounds and found the courage to pursue a life that brings me great joy.

By anchoring into my spiritual practice, I’ve been able to create a successful professional career, have a loving and nurturing 20-year marriage, raise two beautiful daughters, and build meaningful, life-long friendships—all while gracefully managing the inevitable challenges of daily life.

Today, I’ve made it my life’s work to teach my clients the rituals and techniques I’ve practiced for decades, so they too can reconnect to the power that resides within them.

“Primavera is an amazing teacher and every one of her classes is inspirational. Her words are uplifting and always make sense to me as they are extremely relevant to our everyday lives. Her classes are different every time. They are always filled with energy and make me feel calm and balanced at the end of every class. She is a force of love and light and it is an honor to be in her presence.”

–Tarra Helfgott, Pharmaceutical Advertising Executive

“Primavera is one of a kind teacher, she has a way to transfer wisdom and knowledge in a way that is like it was always there! Her gift is not only to really be able to break down information graciously, is her honesty and openness to share the wisdom that I give her credit to my commitment to Naam Yoga, ever since I had privates with her it became natural for me to practice meditation and also necessary, I am forever grateful.”

–Bisila Bokoko, Businesswoman, entrepreneur, speaker and philanthropist



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