Why a spiritual practice is important


I am going to share with you WHY I keep a spiritual practice and WHY you should do, too.

The word “practice” means to repeat an exercise, performance or skill in order acquire proficiency.

In any sport we keep a practice, so that we can become good at that particular sport and perform well when we are under challenging circumstances, such as a match or a game.

So, what are we practicing for in a spiritual practice?

I have kept a daily spiritual practice with meditation, mantra and breath-work for the past 20 years and this is what I have learned:

  • By having a meditation practice every morning I create a “pause” before I start my day to acknowledge that I am a part of something bigger and greater than myself. This gives me a sense of connection and calmness


  • It gives me an opportunity to be grateful for a new day and the possibilities to create magic in my life


  • I train my mind and emotions not to be reactive – not an easy task! When we react, rather than respond, we are living in “automatic pilot” not taking into consideration that particular situation and the consequences of our reaction. Being able to respond requires for us to be in the present and interact in a mindful way with our environment and with others


  • It allows me to listen to my soul


  • Probably the best gift that my spiritual practice has giving me is the gift of having a “a safe place where to go” when things get difficult out there.

My practice goes with me wherever I go.


We are body, mind and soul, would you agree?

Our society teaches us to pay a lot of attention to our body, by taking care of our looks, what we eat, how we exercise, how we dress, and so on.  Our mind creates over 75,000 thoughts a day! Yes, you read well, thousands of thoughts a day.  But what about your soul?  When do you get to connect with your soul?  Developing a spiritual practice gives you the space to enter in communion with your soul.

Let me share some events where you can join me to start creating your own spiritual practice:

Naam Yoga Lifestyle Class: Introduction to Teacher Training Session



Private 1-1





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