Are you searching for purpose?

We are all unique individuals with precious gifts and our job in life is to use them to better serve humanity and our beautiful planet. When we serve, we find fulfillment and allow for the light of our soul to shine through.

To find our purpose, first, we must discover what our gifts are!

We are living in a very special time in the history of our planet; a time of planetary evolution where the Earth is raising its vibration.  We all chose to be alive during this time to support this shift and playing small doesn’t serve our planet. In order to match the new frequency that the planet is calling us into we must go deep inside to connect to our gifts and shine so that our light can contribute to illuminate the world.

It’s no longer about looking outside for a new job, a new relationship, a new place to live, a new pair of shoes. All this external searching leads to a feeling of disconnection. We must search within —  all the answers we are looking for are already inside of us and we can only find them when we connect to our soul.

How do I know this to be true?

For years, I searched and searched. I searched so much that at some point I didn’t even know what I was searching for. I just knew that I wasn’t finding what I needed to feel fulfilled. In this path, I experienced depression and made wrong decisions in my life. I was feeling broken, incomplete and disconnected. The pain I felt inside was excruciating; my soul was in pain. I discovered that in order to feel whole, I had to heal the wounds of my soul first. If you’re reading this and you find yourself in the pain of a personal challenge, I invite you to read more about my journey here: MY JOURNEY

I pray that my story helps you to create hope that transformation and healing are possible.

Today, it gives me great joy to teach spirituality to help others remember that our most precious asset is our soul and that by healing our soul, we find our purpose and we find fulfillment.

I want to invite you to take a couple of days off this Summer and join me at Soul Camp, where many amazing teachers will gather to share their special gifts so that you may find yours.

Soul Camp is a very special place. People meet new friends, meet the teachers that alter their lives, and experience a profound transformation. This sleepaway camp for adults is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before with over 50 mind-opening workshops and soul-discovering classes led by the best in their field. There are all the adventure courses and lake toys you could imagine, and nostalgic camp classics like talent shows and color wars; it’s an adventure that can hardly be described in words.

If some part of you is ready to let loose and transform your life from the inside out, join me to discover the magic of Soul Camp.

Isn’t it time for you to take an adventure? Join me at Soul Camp Upstate New York on August 24-26

There are payment plans as low as $99/month available. Sign up using this link: CLICK HERE and save an additional $100.

Hope to see you in Camp!

With love and gratitude,




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