Welcome to the Transform With Love program!  

Below is a checklist on how to prepare for our 21-day journey:


Step 1: Introduction

Watch this Introductory workshop video. It is about 20 minutes long and it is best if you watch it uninterrupted. This video will guide you through the program, so you can understand how to create your meal plan, shop for food, practice your morning meditation, breath work and exercises. It will answer many questions that I am sure you have right now, and if you still have questions, just e-mail me!

 Step 2: Due diligence 

Sign and return this medical release waiver via email as soon as you can. IF YOU HAVE ANY MEDICAL CONDITION, GET APPROVAL FROM YOUR DOCTOR before you start this program. It is important that you fill this out this waiver and send it back in order to receive your login information to actually start the program.


Step 3: Prep for Body Cleanse

After this 21-day cleanse, you will feel so energized and renewed! And the body cleanse through delicious clean foods is a huge part of it. GET YOUR FOOD LIST HERE.

  • Review the list of foods you can eat and go food shopping for your first week. It is good to have a printout of the list with you at all times or a photo on your phone, so when you go food shopping or eat out you can check the foods on the list. See your food list here
  • Make sure you have a heavy-duty blender for smoothies and soups, such as VitaMix, Oster, Magic Bullet or any other, as well as a juicer. If you can’t get either of these, locate a juice bar where you can purchase juices, and possibly have them blend ingredients for you. If you can choose organic ingredients that is always better
  • Create a meal plan. What will be your breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner for the week? Purchase ingredients for the week, so that you have them readily available


Step 4: Prep for Mind Cleanse

The goal of cleansing our mind is to gain more awareness of our thoughts. Community is a huge part of this program, and being connected with others going through the same process will fortify your feeling of success and able you to stick to the program with consistency.

  • Request access to the Facebook group and introduce yourself by posting a comment. This program is a lot about community and support, which we will need when we hit a wall and we feel like we can’t go on with not eating the cake we want or sleep in a little longer and skip the meditation, so this group will be very active!

  • Purchase a journal that you will use throughout the program to document your own process, writing daily will help you to gain more awareness about your thoughts, emotions and behavioral patterns


Step 5: Prep for the Soul Cleanse

When we gain more awareness of our thoughts, we are able to control them and therefore change the way we feel. It is important to stay consistent with your meditation and you awareness of your feelings.

  • Download the Meditation audio track here so you can have it on your phone, computer, iPod/iPad. On the portal of the program you will find a video with the breath work and a picture with the hand positions for your meditations
  • Set your intention: start thinking WHY you want to do this program. You don’t have to share it with anybody, be as honest as you can with yourself

By preparing for the cleanse your results will be much more effective and you will feel empowered to go through this program with confidence and ease.