Our interconnectedness

Our interconnectedness

For many of us in the spiritual path, it has been known that humanity has been preparing for a paradigm shift. Ancient cultures spoke about a moment in time when things would get tough in order re-establish balance in our planet; and the only thing that would carry you through would be the strength of your own spirit, we are living that moment now.

This paradigm shift is creating the awakening of our collective consciousness, which we have been slowly witnessing in the past couple of years with the truth coming to the surface like in the #metoo movement or the climate change cry for help from the young Greta Thunberg.

We are living in unprecedented times, where we are being forced to expand our consciousness and stretch our understanding of reality simply to assimilate what life is right now.  Reality as we know it is being re-defined and reshaped every minute, what reality is today is quite different what it was two weeks ago or even five days ago.

The awareness of our interconnectedness among all human beings, other live beings, and our planet is slowly starting to sink into our minds. We have heard so many times “we are One”, but how much of that did we understand before?  Spiritual traditions teach us that there is no separation between who we are as individuals and the rest of humanity, between us as human beings and all live beings. We are learning this lesson now In a painful way.  We will never be the same again after this crisis and the outcome of this depends on us.

In fact, in many ancient traditions, all of us who are alive during this time chose to be alive to experience this shift.  How we respond and take care of ourselves right now will determine who we become, as individuals and collectively as humanity.  Our planet is going through a moment of evolutionary transformation and it needs all of us to show up with our best selves and our best tools to assist.

We are all experiencing this crisis individually and collectively. It is time to heal not only from a virus that attacks the physical body but also from the virus that blocks us from living from our higher consciousness.

The same way that the external reality is being redefined our inner reality is being redefined, too.  Our deepest wounds are being triggered as we are living in confined spaces, most likely with those who we love the most and therefore those who can trigger us the most.  It is not a coincidence, whoever designed this master plan thought it through very carefully (LOL!).

So, what are we left with and how can we navigate these waters? We are left with no instructions, no map, waze cannot tell us which shortcuts to take, and in fact, I would avoid all shortcuts from the-get-go.  Our only compass is our intuition and the only way out is through acknowledging our inner wounds.  We know that ignoring and neglecting them doesn’t make them go away, but the opposite.  If we can actually transform what is rotten and has kept us captive without being able to offer our best selves to others, we would transform.

We must take care of ourselves and transform from a place of self-love and self-compassion, in order to build the strength that is needed to go through this passage and later to rebuild our world.  We must try really not to give in to fear and panic and support each other connecting to our humanity and showing up raw and vulnerable with our truth.

The transformation is happening and your compass is inside of you. How we respond and take care of ourselves right now will determine who we become, again, as individuals and collectively as humanity.

I have read that the “secret of life is to find your gift and the purpose of life is to give it away”. It’s time to offer our gifts and talents for the sake of humanity.  How can we all contribute to creating a new reality, this is our privilege and our responsibility.  Each of our gifts is required to build our reality, we are all needed.

What is your greatest gift?  You know, the one that makes you shine when you experience it.

I believe one of my gifts is my understanding of how precious life is and I share it through my spirituality.  We are fortunate to be alive and to be able to experience color, taste, scent, beauty, and melody.  Most importantly, we are so fortunate to be able to experience emotions, loving our purest emotion that can transform anything. We are spirits that have been granted the opportunity to be alive.

Take care of your inner self, heal, and build your strength by sharing your gift, so that we all together can build our new reality.

I have been sharing daily a very simple spiritual practice on social media.  Every day at 12pm EST for two minutes, I guide you to connect to love, reconnect to your light and share it as an energetic gift to the world.   Join me @transform_with_love to create a pause in your day to uplift yourself, uplift others and uplift our planet.

Also, I am offering free-online Moon Rituals every New Moon and Full Moon, as a way to tune into the magnetic energy of our planet and the moon.  The magnetism of the moon can move the tides of the Oceans, what makes us think that is not going to affect us?  Moon rituals have been performed in many traditions since ancient times and are a way to reconnect with the “notion of how small we really are”. Next Full Moon Ritual is on Tuesday, April 7.  You can register here.

One very special invitation I have for you is to celebrate the “International Day of Conscience” on Sunday, April 5, at 2pm CET/8 am EST by joining the first live event of The UnConference “From Talking to Action”.

As our launching event, this is a special edition, limited to 500 people only, and participation is free.  You can register here.

We have 12 experts and artists who will be sharing their vision for a  post-Corona Era, along with actionable tips to getting through a tough time like this with consciousness.  In addition, we will have a musical experience by @openlabradio from Ibiza.

We will offer a post-event Transformation Kit to help inspire creativity and motivation, with guidelines and community support to help make you the most of this intense situation.

Follow us @consciouslearningtribe

Creating these events is my way to share my gifts, you can always check what I am  doing in Instagram @transform_with_love or in my website http://www.primaverasalva.com/events/









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