Is It Springtime yet?

Happy Spring to all of you!

I was in Mexico City teaching Naam Yoga Teacher’s Training and it was definitely Spring in Mexico City. One night my six-year old daughter and I were walking through a park, it was misty and I asked her to stop and smell the scent of the land “tierra mojada” (smelled like fresh wet soil), she did and told me: “Mami, smells like flowers and leaves that have just been born, so fresh and so alive!”. That was exactly right, so fresh and so alive! The entire city is in bloom with purple jacarandas, such a beauty.

The Spring has arrived in Mexico and it is yet to arrive here in New York, where I live. Every year around this time, I look at my winter coat with much gratitude feeling that I am done with it and the day I don’t wear it, I freeze!  So, I go back to my coat.  I take these last days to go “inside” and get ready (body, mind and soul) to join the big sprout of life that is about to happen, the green leaves and flowers blooming, life not only outside of my winter coat, but outdoors in nature.

Spiritually, March 21, Spring Equinox, the official start of the Springtime in the north hemisphere, it is also the beginning of the Universal Sun Period.  What does that mean?  For 52 days starting on March 21 until May 11, we are in a period of re-birth and renewal.  It is an auspicious time to start new ventures, to reinvent yourself, to reprogram unhealthy habits and to cleanse.

I am excited to share with you some options to work with this special energy in the Universe for your personal growth and wellness. Tools that allow us to reconnect with our internal wisdom and divine self.

1-1 Experience with me.  Schedule a private Kabbalah and personal spiritual coaching session to kick start to Transform with Love.

Kabbalah and personal coaching sessions are designed to help you learn how to apply the wisdom of Kabbalah in your personal life. In the first session we begin to understand the mapping of who you are with your strengths and challenges, an addressing any special situations you may want to shift in your life. In this powerful conversation you will also uncover the lessons you are supposed to learn this year. Having this information is a powerful tool navigate in life, improve your relationships and your wellbeing in general. Sessions can be in-person in different locations in Manhattan (Soho, @theassemblagenyc or @naamyoganewyork) or online.

To learn more, visit here:

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Experience the bliss of a Harmonyum Healing session.

If you are someone who struggles with constant stress and anxiety, I invite you to experience Harmonyum. Harmonyum works quickly and directly to heal physical, emotional, and mental ailments by addressing the root of a condition. The Harmonyum Healing strengthens and balances the autonomic nervous system, thereby promoting the body’s capacity to heal itself and slow the aging process.

To learn more about Harmonyum click here:

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Join my Spring Group Transform with Love Body, Mind and Soul.

You can do this comprehensive program from wherever you are in the world.  Join my spring group program where we will work with a proven detox program to clean your body, meditation and breath-work to reset your mind and ancient wisdom to re-connect with your soul.  It is the perfect introduction to meditation.  You will receive daily support and guidance, as well as a daily routine to move your body and calm your mind.

Creating a complete reboot of the body and mind, we can reprogram thought patterns with love and transform the way we experience life.

More information here:

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If you’re in NYC, join me for live events that will Transform you with Love.


Weekly Naam Yoga classes @Naam Yoga New York

A spiritual workout for your mind, body and soul. Raising the frequency of your electromagnetic field, experience yourself at a more conscious state of being. You will leave feeling recharged and ready to be the best version of yourself! Every Thursday at 6:30pm


April 24, 6:30-8:30pm

TRANSFORM WITH LOVE Workshop @ Begoldish in Tribeca

Join me for this special workshop using mystical teachings to connect to your own source of Love in your heart through breath-work, movement, meditation, laughter and mindfulness, all based in concepts of Universal Kabbalah and Naam.  Come prepare to move your body, strengthen your mind and touch your soul.



May 3, 6:30-10pm

THE GET DOWN @ House of Yes in Bushwick

I am honored to be guiding the opening meditation as guest for Tasha Blank and the Get Down Crew!   We will tune in with a meditation to then dance for three hours non-stop!

“The Get Down is about Music, It’s is about Movement and it is about Love!”

“We don’t care how you dance, what you wear, or who you came with.  If you are willing to embrace your own sweat, groove harder than you have in years, and make 300 new best friends in 3 hours….then welcome to the family”



Now, if you are looking into the Summer, I recommend two great trips to combine wellness, spirituality, relaxation and joie-de-vivre.


A retreat in Sicily, Italy with Ally Cioban, a dear friend of mine with many years of experience teaching yoga and meditation.  It looks amazing!


One of my favorite trips of the Summer of all times is Soul Camp, sleep away camp for adults upstate New York, and just like in kids camp, you get to learn and explore new sports, activities, philosophies, traditions and much more.  I am honored to be one of the many teachers that will take in a spiritual journey at Soul Camp this year, once again!

Check it out :


How would you Transform with Love this Sun Period?

With love,


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