In the spirit of Thanksgiving

Gratefulness is one of the most valuable spiritual practices we can cultivate. Why is it important to be grateful?  Because when we are grateful for what we have and what we are, we develop the inner strength of our soul, and this is how we are able to awaken great attitudes towards life like courage, bravery, and faith, which will allow for our soul to take a leap of faith and conquer our fears.

When we live our life with gratitude, we magnetize the forces of the Universe to help us in the quest of manifesting our dreams. Don’t wait to get shaken up by your fears to start practicing gratitude, instead give gratitude for what you have in life and for what you want to attract in life and even if it has not arrived yet. The key to our abundance is gratitude.

“It is not joy that makes us grateful, it is gratitude that makes us joyful”. 
David Steindl-Rast

Being grateful opens our heart allowing for positive emotions to be present in our life, such as joy and happiness, as we are able to look around in our life and feel fulfilled.

According to Kabbalah, we are all born with a vessel, in which we receive light. As we work in our consciousness we are able to expand this vessel to contain more light in our life.  In this vessel, we hold all of our blessings, but like any other container, this vessel can get filled up, and it can get filled up with positive and negative things, and in order to receive the blessings we are dreaming of, we must empty this container. There are two ways to do so, by being grateful and by doing service.

Being grateful is a practice, it is like a muscle that we must exercise, being grateful not only helps us to empty our vessel, but also it gives us the gift of living in the present. Being present to recognize the beauty in our life.

Also, doing service, donating our time, treasure or talent to a person or a cause we believe in, connects us to something bigger and greater than ourselves – it connects us to our humanity and gives us purpose in life.  What is your service in life? Have you thought about what you love to do simply because it benefits others? Bring it into your awareness and make it happen! The holidays are a great opportunity to do service, to offer your energy for the wellbeing of someone else, known or unknown.

To build the strength of our soul we must keep a spiritual practice and gratefulness is one of the most important tools we can add to our spiritual practice, it’s a muscle to exercise.

Having a strong gratefulness practice will give us the strength in our soul to deal with life when things get tough. That’s where the real work has to be done, we have to work in finding gratitude on why we had to live through a difficult experience and learn from it, so that we may be able to heal and continue with our life.

It’s not easy to be grateful for difficult experiences in life, believe me, I have been there, but what is the alternative dwell in suffering?  Buddhists say that suffering cannot be avoided in life, what matters is what we do that suffering.

Gratefulness is a way to heal when we suffer.

Some of you may be familiar with the work of Brene Brown on Joy and Gratitude, take a moment to get inspired by watching her video  HERE.

Enjoy all this beautiful wisdom about love and gratitude and get ready to bring the deep meaning of gratefulness into your Thanksgiving holiday.

Below is a simple gratefulness practice that you can start right now!  This a gift from me to you to say THANK YOU to you!


For the next couple of nights, until Thanksgiving, write down THREE THINGS that you are grateful for.  It is best if you handwrite them, rather than typing them on your phone, ipad or laptop.  Why? Because the arms are an extension of the heart, when we handwrite we write from the heart.

A good time to do this practice is at night, at the end of your day, before going to bed. Every time we go to sleep at night is like a temporary death and we get to be re-born when we wake up in the morning.  A powerful spiritual practice to prepare our body, mind, and soul to let go at night, is to recap our day.

A gratitude practice before going to sleep at night invites us to recap our day by looking at the things we are grateful for that day, rather than focusing on all the things we must accomplish the next day.  Focusing on the things that we left unfinished that day or the things we must accomplish the next day brings us only worries and anxiety, and therefore it is hard to feel fulfilled and fall asleep. The mood in which we go to sleep impacts the mood in which we wake up.  It is also said that the way we die has to do with the way we are re-born, but reincarnation is another topic for another day.

So, write three simple things that YOU ARE GRATEFUL FOR every night, it can be about something that happened that day, something you remembered from your past, people in your life, the sun shining, the green in the trees….it doesn’t matter, just write them, without judgment.  If you want to take this practice further you can pick up the phone and call people who you want to thank them for something, it can be something from the past that changed your life or something form the day before that made you happy.

Follow this practice and experience the shift in your heart.  Raise your arms and open them big and wide, offer your gratitude to the Universe for all the blessings that you have received and those that you have not, just like in the picture above.

Make room and make time to hold the space in your life to gratefulness and gratitude.

If you are in NYC, join me on Tuesday, November 26, for my weekly class, which I will be dedicating to GRATEFULNESS.

Tuesday, 7:00-8:15pm @ The Assemblage Park Avenue (331 Park Avenue South b/w 24th and 25th streets). You can join the class  here.

Also, I will be posting on Instagram more wisdom about Gratefulness this week, check it out @transform_with_love

Wishing you all a beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving Holiday

Love and light,

Primavera Salvá
i. @transform_with_love
f. Transform with love/Primavera Salva



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