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A 21-day online program targeted to cleanse your body, mind and soul. You will reboot your entire system and are sure to experience more energy and vitality than ever before, clarity of thoughts to make better decisions in your life, and an emotional balance that will improve your daily life. It starts May 1st, 2019. 

Discover the three-part process that not only connects you with your deepest desires and shows you how to align with them, but also guides you to create overall wellbeing—body, mind, and soul.

The Transform with Love Program is a 21-day group program for anyone craving a reboot in physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.



The first step in feeling at ease in our bodies requires that we’re physically well. Together, we’ll do a proven detoxification program.

Benefits include: improved sleep, digestion, healthy weight loss, mental clarity and boost of energy.

Also Included:

A weekly Naam Yoga class

A customized 15-minute daily routine to do at home


Next, we bring our attention to the mind through meditation, breath work, and the teachings of Naam Yoga. Together, they will empower you to transform the way your perceive your life and therefore the way you respond to life.

Also includes:

The development of a daily meditation practice

Part 3: The Soul

Finally, we explore the core of our being: the soul. The work with the body and the mind has created the awareness we need to connect with a new perspective and the realization that we can choose loving thoughts and actions in any moment. When we Transform with Love we allow for the flow of energy that holds the Cosmos together to flow through us and restore harmony in our being, in our lives and the Universe.


MAY 1-21ST, 2019


This is what past participants have to say:

“I feel amazing after this course and want to continue with the meditation practice and using all the other tools we learned. Transform with Love rocks!  I wake up every morning looking forward to my meditation, it is part of my morning routine and sets the vibration love for the day.  I have learned a lot about myself and what it means to vibrate love, and most importantly, I have experienced a direct result of this vibration.  I am grateful to have received this wisdom, it truly changed my life.  I will continue with the morning practice and bring love to my surroundings.  Thank you, Primavera, my deepest gratitude goes to you for empowering me.”
M. Fassbender, Consultant

“These 21 days of Transform with Love helped me to remember and gain awareness that life is a journey in which sometimes we forget to appreciate how wonderful life can be….if we can only stay in touch with ourselves, with our emotions, with our thoughts and with the decisions we make every minute….I learned that it is really up to us to make our lives more beautiful by connecting to self-love and love towards others, I want to live my life in this way.  I am deeply grateful for this wisdom, Primavera and thank you to the entire group, it was a joy to share this journey with all of you”.
N. Romero, Psychotherapist