Come and experience LOVE in your heart!


+ Have you ever been so present to a moment in your life where there was nothing else in your heart but love and gratitude to the Universe?

+ What if we were able to create these moments in our daily life?

+ What if we were able to Transform with Love every moment and every situation?


Our reality would be transformed, we would be co-creating our reality with love.


Join me for this special ritual where I will guide you through a journey of Transformation with Love, using mystical teachings to connect to your own source of Love in your heart by working with breath-work, movement, meditation, sound, laughter, mindfulness and most importantly, connection to your soul.

Come prepare to move your body, vacuum your mind and touch your soul.

Within you lies a power that can bring you unimaginable happiness, harmony and peace. It is the power to Transform with love, to change your life and discover your purpose, to find joy and to heal the wounds of your soul, all with the presence of unconditional love. This is what it truly means to Transform with Love. You can be your own catalyst for transformation in life.

When we vibrate Unconditional Love we allow for the Light of our Soul to shine through so that we can illuminate the world.  It all starts with a shift in perspective and the willingness to recognize that you are the creator of your own experience and therefore the co-creator of your reality.

Note:  wear comfortable clothing / yoga clothes is an option.

THE ASSEMBLAGE NOMAD – Event description