March 16-23, 2019 in Tulum, Mexico


Every year, during the Spring Equinox, our planet enters a state of balance; the number of hours in the day and the night are exactly the same. It is an auspicious time for us to join this celestial event and create internal balance in ourselves.  Taking time off from our busy lives to give back to others is a way to create not only more balance in the world but also in our lives.

Curious to see more of what balance can look like in your life? I want to invite you on a very special 7-day retreat to explore the sacred grounds of the Mayan cultures in Mexico and an opportunity to be of service to the native women and children of this community.  As well as enjoying the turquoise waters of Tulum and dancing under the stars.

This is a trip for everyone!  Come with your children, your family and friends to be transformed.

Here’s what we have in store for you.

Day 1 – Embarking on the Journey

Arrive in Cancun where will have transportation to our hotel where you can get settled and meet up for dinner that evening in the town of Valladolid.

Day 2 – In the Spirit of Service

Doing service is a way for us to “empty the vessel” so that we can receive the blessings that our soul is yearning for.  It is in the communion of two individuals offering each other support that we get in touch with our own “humanity”.

We will visit the depths of the Mayan zone in the Yucatán peninsula to do service work with Mayan women and children. We will visit Aldea Viva; a place where women travel with their children every week from their remote homes to get trained in different jobs so they can better support their families.  We will work, cook and play together with them giving us busy New Yorkers, an opportunity to slow down and give back to the growth and prosperity of the Mayan culture.

Day 3 – On Sacred Ground

We will spend the day visiting Chichen Itza, one of the modern wonders of the world.  During our visit, we will have the privilege to learn from Marte Trejo, a renowned author from Mexico, who has interpreted the spiritual teachings of the Mayan sites.  We will also be accompanied by a Mayan shaman who will hold ceremonies in the local cenotes (natural water wells).

Day 4 – Journey through Pyramids and Jungles

The fourth day we will drive to Tulum and on our way, we will visit the archeological site of Cobá; one of the largest ancient Mayan towns with monumental pyramids! While riding bicycles through the jungle we will discover and climb the pyramids of Cobá.

Day 5 thru 7 – Go Deeper and Dance Under the Stars

We will spend our final days of the retreat in Tulum at the Sian-Kán Reserve translated as “the closest place to the stars”.  During these days we will visit the archaeological site of Tulum, host daily meditations and participate in my signature Transform with Love workshops. There will be time to explore, swim in the turquoise waters, enjoy the best healthy cuisine, as we ease into the evening where we’ll dance under the stars.

If this calls to you and you want to be a part of the magic of this experience, I wholeheartedly welcome you to join us. Inner balance happens when we can open our hearts and reconnect with the beauty of life.

For a detailed breakdown of the Itinerary see below!

Saturday, March 16 Travel NY-Cancún

Transfer to Hotel Mayaland in Chichen-Itzá

Relax and visit to the town of Valladolid

Sunday, March 17 Service day at “Aldea Maya”

Experience Chichén-Itza “Light and sound” night show

Monday, March 18 Visit to Chichén Itza

Mayan ceremonies with shaman

Swimming in Cenotes

Tuesday, March 19 Transfer to Tulum

Spend the day in Cobá and arrive to Tulum in the afternoon

Wednesday, March 20  Tulum – Stay at La Zebra Hotel
Thursday, March 21 Tulum – Beach, meditation, spiritual workshops
Friday, March 22 Tulum – Beach, meditation, spiritual workshops
Saturday, March 23 Drive back to Cancun airport


Trip includes: Room and taxes, local ground transportation, entrance to Chichén-Itza, Cobá and Tulum archaeological sites, “Light and Sound” night visit to Chichen Itza, ceremony with Mayan Shaman, lecture with Marte Trejo, daily meditations and breathwork sessions with Primavera, workshops and donation to the Aldea Maya.

Not included: Airfare and meals.  Our travel agent can assist you with airfares.

SPACE IS LIMITED – To reserve your spot email us at: info@primaverasalva.com