• Ever wonder why you seem to keep attracting the same type of problems?

  • Ever feel like relationship dramas or work situations feel like a repeat in your life?

  • It is easy to see behavioral patterns in those around you, but can you identify your own?


We each come into this life with unique karmic lessons that influence our life. We also have a personal blueprint to help us better navigate our way through life — it is your unique archetype. The archetype comes with a toolbox which we can use to build or to destroy, both actions are needed in life, but time and space are key.


Why should you care about learning your archetype?

Getting to know your archetype gives you awareness, raises your consciousness and brings light into your life.

When you discover your archetype, you become aware of behavioral patterns that are keeping you stuck in life, allowing you to transform the way you act and react in your relationship with yourself and others.  You will be able to understand yourself and others in a simple and fresh way that will bring tremendous clarity to problem-solving and even attract your ideal outcome. In this workshop you will:

  1. Understand personal karma and how it shows up in your life
  2. Learn the 7 personal archetypes and how to apply them practically
  3. Learn how to see numbers as divine messages instead of random occurrences
  4. Identify the light and shadow sides of your archetype
  5. Connect with your karmic vibrations as sources of personal guidance
  6. Develop your own toolbox to restore your own power and become divinely connected

Based on the teachings of Divine Spiritual Wisdom from Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, Founder of Naam Yoga.

Bring a notebook and a pen to write.

This workshop is for you if you are in the midst of a life or work transition, or simply craving a fresh, unique perspective on empowering your life.


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