Shakti Ritual: Fall Series

Maria Margolies & Primavera Salvá have the pleasure to invite you to a women’s circle with special guest Nalatia Perlaza, percussion artist.

Join us for a Shakti Ritual honoring the Fall, a time when death and sadness are important cycles to acknowledge and learn from. We will gather to bring into our consciousness those aspects of ourselves that no longer serve us and prepare ourselves for a more introspective time.

We will work with the energy of the Wind to tap into the energetic gifts of the season, calling upon the four directions for guidance, use the medicine of plants to cleanse, meditate, give permission to forgive ourselves, dance and close those necessary energetic portals to allow ourselves space to expand and bloom. 

For this ritual, we are pleased to have the drumming beats of Natalia Perlaza during our ceremony.

Women have been gathering in circles since the beginning of time to share experiences, stories, thoughts, ideas and prayers, most importantly to celebrate and support each other. In sacred circle, we will gather together to awaken our Shakti.

The word Shakti means “power, ability, strength, effort, energy”, referring to the primordial cosmic energy that gives life through the entire Universe. Shakti is the representation of the divine feminine creative power known as the “The Great Divine Mother” that exists within the soul of every woman.

This ritual is a safe space for collective and personal exploration and healing, to welcome autumn with all our senses awakened, intentions created, grounded in love and connected not only to ourselves but to our female collective. The collective energy of the Goddess, the liberating and transforming power which is in each of our sisters.

*Cleanse your mind

*Love your body

*Nourish your soul

*Awaken your Shakti

*Manifest with grace

Workshop includes:

~ Calling upon the four directions

~ Forgiveness and Letting go ceremony

~ Breathwork

~ Shakti shake

~ Meditation

~ Create Collective Medicinal Smudge

~ Mantra Giving/ seasonal prayer

~ Food, potions and elixirs will be served

This event is by invitation only.