This is an online course with 40+ hours of video content guiding you through meditations, breath-work, practical exercises and mystical wisdom to understand the miracle of life and manifestation.  In addition, participants will meet in an in-person weekend in New York City October 20-21 to learn and practice exercise routines that you can teach.

This course explores the spiritual and physical mechanisms that take place in the mother’s womb, and its potential to act as a powerful catalyst for healing and transmutation. In Kabbalah of Birth and Beyond, you learn the cosmic energies that affect the conception, development, birth and development of a baby, as well as how to accelerate the spiritual evolution of the child that is to come. This wisdom will also empower you to express your true nature. Much of this knowledge comes from Divine Spiritual Wisdom and has not been published or shared elsewhere. It is being revealed now so that we can understand how to use the spiritual gifts we have been endowed with to deeply and positively impact the future of the baby to come, the family’s future, and the future of our planet.

Let us take our place in the history of humanity to create the platform for the generation of love.