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Your Transformation Starts Here:

As your private spiritual teacher and guide, I’ll help you tune into your inner power, your soul—that essence of true, unconditional love—so that you can create the life you really want, and more importantly overcome the barriers that keep you feeling stuck, stagnant, or unsettled. 

Together, we’ll dive into the core of your being—your soul—to discover what makes you thrive in this world.


Phase 1: The Discovery:

In an initial session, we’ll identify your unique set of hurdles from the vantage point of your soul—the beliefs you carry that limit your growth, the life circumstances that hold you back, and even the relationships that disempower your forward motion.

Then, we’ll discover what your whole being needs to keep evolving, to becoming your most conscious self, to be happy, healthy, and at peace. We’ll discover what you need to heal on a deeper level—a soulful level—in order to be free from doubts, and outward challenges.

Phase 2: The Healing:

In order to transform you, to heal your deepest wounds and to free you from the limiting beliefs in your mind, we create a daily practice based on a meditation routine and self-care rituals to bring awareness to the core barriers that hold you prisoner in circumstances that drain your energy or perpetuate feelings of dissatisfaction.

During our sessions, we will work with a variety of spiritual tools to illicit your unique inner transformation. This may include Harmonyum energy work treatments, as well as Kabbalistic rituals and practices that support your unique self needs to evolve, grow, and heal.

*All sessions are available in person or virtually via Skype

Cost per session $250.


Three sessions for $500 to be scheduled during September and October.

Email us at to schedule your first session.

“Primavera turned my optics from an outward view inward. She got me to raise the volume of the sound of my soul and to listen not only to what my mind was saying but what my heart was yelling! She would speak to me with so much love and compassion and in a way that was non judgmental and never pontificating.

Primavera got me to reflect on who I was and to see who I wanted to become again. I can’t tell you enough that what she did for me was nothing short of life saving. She saved my family as well. Fast-forward just a year after and I have started a new business, which I share with my wife and it is amazing. We look at life now as our glass being half full and never half empty. Heck I actually feel my glass if completely full and brimming with so much love and gratitude that I just want everyone to drink as my cup runneth over. Thank you, Primavera.

— Felipe Avalos, Chef & Business Owner