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7 simple affirmations that will help you Transform with Love throughout your day

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Weekly Classes: Naam Yoga New York
141 West 72nd Street, Betwen Broadway and Columbus
Thursdays 6:30pm
“After taking my first class with Primavera I felt Light inside of me!  A beautiful feeling that I had never experienced before.  I felt like I had the whole sun inside my chest. I’ll never forget that feeling!”. Lucy Osborne, Social Media Guru
Aug 24
Warrensburg, NY
This Summer I will be teaching at Soul Camp East on August 24-26 in the Adirondacks and would love to hang by the bonfire with you looking at the stars! . Soul Camp is a literal sleepaway camp for adults, truly unlike anything you’ve ever experienced b …

Sep 6
Starting April 19-22 @ Naam Yoga New York
September 2018 Discover the secret of longevity, harmony, lasting health, a strong body, a relaxed mind and a happy heart. Immerse yourself in Naam Yoga’s science of movement, sound, breath work, meditation and wisdom of Universal Kabbalah. This 200-ho …

Oct 18
In-person weekend October 18-21 @ Naam Yoga New York
This is an online course with 40+ hours of video content guiding you through meditations, breath-work, practical exercises and mystical wisdom to understand the miracle of life and manifestation.  In addition, participants will meet in an in-person wee …


Jun 7 @ The Assemblage NoMad
TRANSFORM WITH LOVE RITUAL Come and experience LOVE in your heart!   + Have you ever been so present to a moment in your life where there was nothing else in your heart but love and gratitude to the Universe? + What if we were able to create these …
Jun 2 @ Naam Yoga New York
Now is the time to answer the call to self discovery and inner wellness. The Naam Yoga Teacher Training program is the journey that will take you there. I am thrilled to teach this 90 minute introduction so you can learn more about how Naam Yoga can he …
May 24 @ Online Summit
Join me for a podcast at On Air with Beyond Mom, as I speak about the role that spirituality has had in my life,  particularly in my own experience as mother. Beyond Mom was founded by Randi Zinn, born from her own experience of motherhood, Beyond Mom …
May 12 @ Naam Yoga New York (141 West 72nd Street)
Tools for Conscious Living is an experiential class that includes both lecture on Universal Kabbalah principles and its application through breath work, movement and meditation. It includes dynamic movement, conscious breathing, meditation and principl …
May 12 @ Naam Yoga New York (141 West 72nd Street)
In honor of Mother’s day! Join Reneé Skuba and Primavera Salvá, Senior Naam Yoga teachers and Kabbalah of Birth trainers, as they take you on a journey to discover the spiritual role that women play on this planet to raise the collective consciousness …
May 3 @ House of Yes
I am honored to be guiding the opening meditation as guest for Tasha Blank and the Get Down Crew!   We will tune-in with a heart opening ceremony with breath-work, movement, chanting and meditation to then dance for three hours non-stop!
May 1 @ Online
+++ Have you ever been so present to a moment in your life where there was nothing else in your heart but love and gratitude to the Universe? +++ What if we were able create these moments in our daily life? +++ What if we were able to Transform with lo …
Apr 24 @ Begoldish in Tribeca
Join me for this special workshop using mystical teachings to connect to your own source of Love in your heart through breath-work, movement, meditation, laughter and mindfulness, all based in of concepts of Universal Kabbalah.  Come prepare to move yo …
Mar 8 @ Naam Yoga New York
Join me this Thursday, March 8 to honor all women! Join the Global Sisterhood Circle at Naam Yoga New York.   Our Naam International Women’s Day class will explore our connection to the divine, sacred feminine rituals, and the powerful energy women hol …
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Jan 27 @ Naam Yoga Prague
This training explores the spiritual and physical mechanisms that take place in the mother’s womb, and its potential to act as a powerful catalyst for healing and transmutation. In Kabbalah of Birth and Beyond, you learn the cosmic energies that affect …